Continuing along with our goal to be the #1 producer of online software solutions to Canadian Cannabis companies, we have created Since we create and sell several WordPress plugins and Themes, it made sense to extend that focus to the Cannabis industry.

With WordPress running over 30% of the world’s internet, we believe that its e-commerce, membership, and other readily available features will be of interest to Marijuana companies.

The Website

WP Marijuana, is designed to curate all leading providers in one place. We chose to share this premium domain with the WordPress community, so that we could provide businesses with the best possible solutions on the WordPress platform. Its not possible for Beyond Programs to provide all solutions, so we have partnered with the leading providers to supply legal Canadian companies with WordPress solutions

This website allows visitors to read articles and browse listings of plugins, themes, and designs. WordPress developers are able to submit their listings to this website and our team reviews their solutions for suitability for Canadian business owners.


Our goal is to be the largest supplier of software solutions to the legal Canadian Cannabis market. Towards that goal, we have created WP Marijuana with a goal of partnering with software developers around the world. We believe that with strategic partnerships, we are uniquely positioned to provide Canadian Cannabis companies with the solutions they need.

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