Our team of certified project managers has years of experience in your industry. We can help you to evaluate the current status of your project. Our interaction will provide insight into issues and next steps. More importantly, we will assist you with navigating the audit process

Typical clients for this solution include banks, credit unions, stock trading platforms, manufacturing, and construction companies. From stock trading and banking to IT security. Our team will work with experts to realize your auditing goals including:

  • IT Security engineers
  • CPAs
  • Structural Engineers

We will also work with you to mitigate and track issues that result from audits. Beyond Programs is your one stop shop for auditing.  Our team can manage your auditing processes yearly or we can work with teams you select to realize your goals.

We are flexible and able to integrate at any point along the auditing process. Whether your audit is internally or externally required, our team will help you to manage the process.  Note that compliance and auditing typically go together. Learn more about our compliance solutions.


Our team has diverse a background delivering auditing solutions to a range of industries. This makes us a flexible partner for assisting you with all of your auditing needs. We work with subject matter experts to execute the details, while setting and tracking milestones to accomplish your auditing goals.

We work autonomously or within your team. We can manage an aspect of your auditing needs or your entire portfolio. Our subscription process provides you with the flexibility to integrate our team members when and where you need throughout the year.


Our team of certified project managers can help you to execute a range of audits within your organization. Consider some of the following services:

  • Construction projects
  • Financials
  • Information Technology security
  • Product Quality
  • Workforce Diversity & Equality

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