We specialize in web development services in the halifax area using the wordpress content management system. We actively create and sell wordpress plugins and themes, making our team experts in these types of solutions. Let our team of developers and designers create everything from your logo to your social pages


We can help you to target and capture customers online. Depending on your type of business, search advertising like google could be your cheapest method for capturing quality clients. We have helped clients to dominate their market with great CPA’s

Today, social advertising like facebook could augment or eclipse your current conversions from social engagements. Our team can help you to create a strategy, campaign, and funnel to realize your social CPA goals.  Contact Us today to begin discussing how we can help


We offer, design, mobile and custom development services. If you have a unique need that’s not covered by our packages, Contact Us today. Our dedicated support team will walk you through the entire process starting with a consultation. Our team will then provide a quote for the time and resources needed to achieve your goals.


For those new to wordpress, it is the most popular content management system available online today. It reduces the time needed for developing websites and makes it easy for you to manage it. Our package solutions offer options for customer at various levels. Buying services on is easy, simply choose between a Business or Ecommerce website and a level (Bronze, Silver, Gold).


Create a professional image for your company online. This will allow users to, fine you online, learn more about your business and contact you.

Bronze ($1250 CAD) 

This package provides everything needed to get started. We will source and implement a 5 page website with a mobile friendly design. We will also begin the process of getting you connected with your customers via a free newsletter management. Click here to learn more or Contact Us today to get started!

Silver ($2500 CAD) 

Creating a website gets you an online presence, but you still need to get customers to know you exists. For those looking to make their website work for them, we offer the bronze package with search engine optimization, 20 blog articles and creating of popular social profiles like Facebook & twitter. Creating a website only gets you a presence, you still need to get customers to know you exists. Click here to learn more  or Contact Us today to get started!

Gold ($3750 CAD) 

For those interested in a creating a custom experience for their customers, our designers can help! We will do everything listed above including the creation of your logo and a custom website design which matches your branding. Click here to learn more or Contact Us today to get started!


If your goal is to sell products online, we can help. Woocommerce is a popular ecommerce plugin owned by the creators of wordpress. We are experts in using this this product towards creating ecommerce solutions. Accept credit cards, paypal and several other types of payments

Bronze ($1750 CAD)

Great way to begin selling products online. This package will allow you to list your inventory and accept paypal payments. Your customers will receive emails as their order is process or their can check the status of their order on your website. Click here to learn more or Contact Us today to get started!

Silver ($3500 CAD)

When you need to accept credit card payments you need more than the basics. We offer integration with popular credit card processors and the ability to process payments through your merchant account. Click here to learn more or Contact Us today to get started!

Gold ($5000 CAD)

Does your operation use subscriptions or automated shipping solutions? Then our team has the expertise to assist. For those who need an ecommerce experience that’s tailors to how their company does business, our team can accommodate your needs. Click here to learn more or Contact Us today to get started!


With all packages, we assume that you already have a website domain and server hosting. If you do not have this setup as yet, we can help! We regularly use popular server hosting providers and can help you to understand how to get started.