At Beyond Programs we help logistics companies and companies with logistics departments. Our team has years of experience moving people and products across North America. We can help you to find new routes, partnerships, and strategies to reduce your overall costs and increase your level of successful deliveries.

Offload some or all of your logistics to our team. Our partnership network includes expert providers in your industry. We understand immigration, refrigeration, alternative energy, and other concepts that can affect the deliverability of people and products to their destination. Our team regularly works with experts in your field including

  • Crane operators
  • Insurers
  • Packers
  • Transportation managers (planes, trucks, trains, etc)
  • Warehouse managers


As your partner, we will help you to manage all aspects relating to your supply chain. We understand supply chain management and can help you to increase the number of successful deliveries.

Our capabilities extend nation-wide. Our team will identify risk related to your industry and business. We will also help you to find and manage experts along the way.


Enlist our team of certified project managers with experience in your industry, to help you get your goods to market. Our team has experience sourcing solutions for the following

  • Containerisation
  • Delivery
  • Handling
  • Inventory management
  • Import & Emport
  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Storage

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