FolioProjects helps you to share individual projects, or you can group them into custom portfolios. In either case, you can easily share this information on your existing resume using a QR code or link. Once scanned, you can see visitors and other statistics.


The employer will appreciate you providing information upfront, vs having to go through an interview to find it. Share projects with details about who did what where and when. Invite others to the project who also worked on it, to add further indisputable proof of the work completed.

You goal is to enrich your resume with detailed examples of the work you have performed over your career. Years after a business closes, you still have indisputable proof of your experience. The hope being that this information allows you to stand ahead of the pack of other applicants.

Your benefit is also the ability to get feedback from your job applications, without having to ask for it. Most of your applications will go unanswered. Your monitoring of project visitors, helps you to understand which resumes actually got attention. This is valuable feedback that you can use to adjust your job application strategy.

improve resume
improve resume


FolioProjects is easy to setup and use. Each project and portfolio features a downloadable QR code which you can attach to your resume. Alternatively, each project and portfolio have a unique link that you can share freely in your resume and even in application forms when there is an option for it.

Depending on your privacy configurations, visitors wont have to be logged into see the main page of your projects and portfolios. There they will find a wealth of information, including statistics and a strong summary of what work is being represented. Once logged in, they can view more details like participants, risks, and lessons learned.


Improving your resume in 2023 is easy with FolioProjects. Share detailed projects showcasing the work you have completed in your career. These projects form indisputable references and evidence of work completed. This provides you with an advantage over others when applying for jobs.

Share your projects individually, or group them into custom portfolios for each job application. Either way, monitor interest in your projects to get feedback on how your job application is going and ways it can be improved.

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