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Beyond Programs provides access to certified project managers, on an as-needed basis. The ones assigned to your projects have experience in your industry. Our project managers understand how success is defined in your industry. They implement project management standards to help steer your projects to success.

We can help you to manage all of your projects, known as a portfolio. Or we can help you with a particular project. Hours are purchased for the year and you utilize them how and when it works best for your business.


Our project managers all have degrees and are certified. They also have years of experience in your particular industry. This allows us to hit the ground running, by contributing to the areas of your business that you need help with.

Below are a few industries that our team specializes in.


There are a few benefits to this approach. Here are a few major aspects to consider

  • Reduced overall cost of resources since these are not full-time employees
  • Increased speed of integrating resources since we have a partnership network of expert providers in your industry
  • Flexibility to utilize our team at any stage of your project from planning to maintenance

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