Consultations are free.

Yes. We operate across Canada. It takes more time and effort for a project manager to be on-site but its definitely possible anywhere within Canada

Yes. To hire a project manager, a yearly subscription is required. Cancel at any time. If you are unsure of how many hours you need, purchase the lowest tier and add hours as needed.

Yes. For any reason, simply let us know your intention to change and we will assign a new Project Manager with the required skills and geography

Property Owners

Yes, our team can help you at any stage of the property ownership journey. From selecting a team to help you buy a property, to renovating and enhancing your property.

We can help with all types of property purchase, customization, and management. 

No. You hire our Project Managers to help you with any type or size of property

Business Owners

We love start-ups. We work with companies at any stage along their journey

Yes. Our certified project managers apply the same principles regardless of industry. There is always a benefit to adding a certified project manager to your business project

Yes. You choose when and where to apply the project manager hours you have purchased. 

Business Listing Submission

Yes, all partners pay a membership fee. View our becoming a member page for more details

You must have an account to post a project. Contact us with the details and our Beyond Programs team will help you from there

No, listing is free. Note that all of our partners can see all listings

We are certified project managers and our partners are certified in their perspective fields. By posting your project here, you instantly have access to a curated team of professionals.

All gold partners are featured. Consider upgrading to being a gold partner today


Our service partners can see project details. High level project meta can be seen by anyone including, project title, Company name, budget, and location.

No, the website is free for clients

No need on this site. Every project is reviewed by the Beyond Programs team and is a priority for us

Project Portfolio Management SaaS

FolioProjects is our project portfolio management SaaS. We use FolioProjects to broadcast project performance to stakeholders. The platform also utilizes artificial intelligence with the hopes of supporting project success. All of our projects are managed on this platform.

Hire Certified Project Managers

PMP CertifiedOur project managers are all PMP certified. This provides a known and enforced level of communication, processes, and ethics essential to the success of any project. In addition, we only hire project managers with at least 5 years of real world verifiable experience and a STEM degree. 

Presale Question

Beyond Programs manages projects for a range of industries. We partner with experts to deliver quality advice and resources on every project. Contact us today with your project  details

Project Rates

We provide 3 flexible subscription tiers for hiring Project Managers depending on your needs. Each tier provides you with a minimum amount of hours that you can use as-needed throughout the year. If you need more hours simply purchase them in groups of 7.

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