Beyond Programs is excited to work with Hollywood North towards delivering film projects on time, budget, and schedule. We provide certified professionals to fulfill the role of Film Production Manager overseeing operations of your film production.

He/she is tasked to organize all the necessary needs of production staff, handle project budget, prepare permits and documents, assist in daily production tasks and ensure the production schedules are met. Allow our team to help you source and manage:

  • Camera Operators
  • Cooks
  • Directors (Casting, Production, etc)
  • Lighting and Rigging Technicians
  • Managers (Location, Production, etc)
  • Producers
  • Production Assistants
  • Prop Masters
  • Set Designers
  • Screen Writers
  • Script Supervisors
  • Videographers


It takes a range of experts to support the filming of a movie. As your Film Production Manager, we work with your executive team, directors, actors, and program coordinators towards supporting your film productions.

Typically, we support your production by accepting responsibility for:

  • Setting budgets for the needs of every film production aspect, which include paying all workers or staff of the production
  • Procuring props
  • Hiring catering services and other expenses used daily
  • Solving problems that may arise during filming
  • Setting schedule of meetings and shooting
  • Preparing and submitting all types of paperwork needed before deadlines
  • Making sure all equipment is set up properly and working well
  • Hire workers and assign people daily tasks
  • Assist in the set and administrative work
  • Oversee video editing


Engaging our team provides a range of immediate benefits:

  • Increase the likelihood of successful projects
  • We utilize Artificial Intelligence and proprietary software to track, manage, and improve on our projects
  • Our relationships with local providers, from lighting crews to stage managers helps studios to staff their projects quickly with qualified providers.
  • Our team of project managers helps you to execute each project with precision
  • Reduce the cost of hiring resources by eliminating the HR required with full-time staff

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