Rates for each project differ and are based on a combination of the cost for resources and the effort needed to complete the project. Consultations are free. Submit your project today to get started

Beyond Programs Rates

Working with our team is simple:

  • Hourly Rate = ranges
  • Start/Close Rate =  $3,500 CAD

Note the following:

  • Consultations are FREE
  • Every project accepted on our platform at a minimum includes the Start/Close rate
  • Billing from Beyond Programs and partners are in 1hr increments

For more details, read our FAQ’s page.

Partner Rates

Each partner dictates their own rates. It’s a good idea to view partner listings to see the types of rates to expect. All of our partners are certified professionals and tend to list at the mid to top end of their industry for rates.

We handle all billing including Project Managers and expert partner fees. These are presented to the client in line with our terms and conditions.

Partnership Tiers

We offer multiple degrees of partnership for companies that would like to work with Beyond Programs. Some partners are happy with simply being known as certified partners. Others would like to work more closely with Beyond Programs.

The yearly partnership fee goes towards growing and maintaining the BeyondPrograms.ca platform. Consider becoming a partner. We are excited to expand our partnership network across Canada with certified providers.

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