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At Beyond Programs, we provide access to virtual PMP certified project managers anywhere in Canada. These PMs have experience in your field, which provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that an expert is applying known standards towards maintaining your project’s quality, cost, and schedule.

Our goal is to pair you with a project manager who has experience in your specific industry. This way, the project manager applies known industry strategies along with the principles and processes prescribed by the PMP certification. We have found that this is the best-case scenario for a successful project. With experience in your industry, our project managers can better anticipate and mitigate issues.


We based our company on a known standard that has been proven in multiple industries. The PMI organization who issues PMP certifications has a strong democratic model which has evolved over time. To attain a PMP certication an indevidual must have a minimum amount of formal education, agree to a code of ethics, and processes for managing projects. The PMP certification provides you with the peace of mind that the project manager will apply a specific standard to your projects. These include:

  • Ethics
  • Mathematical Performance Formulas
  • Project Management Processes & Procedures
  • Strong Communication & Calm Temperament
  • Strong reporting
  • Resource Management

At any point, you should feel free to confirm the PMP status of the project manager assigned to you via the PMI PMP search tool. Each project manager must commit to continual education via PMI tracked courses to maintain their PMP status. This provides you with the peace of mind that your project manager is up to date on the latest standards in the industry


All project managers are trained to utilize our in-house project management solution, All projects are managed on this platform, allowing you to track and share the performance of your project.

We recruit across Canada so that your project manager is as close to you geographically as possible. In some industries, this is important for truly understanding the local culture, laws, climate, and other nuances. However, most times, you will meet with your project manager virtually.

To recruit the best, we pay an above industry average compensation. Our project managers enjoy an unprecedented work life balance which allows them to work as much or as little as their life dictates. We have evolved to understanding the minimum and maximum hours a project manager can work and still be effective on your project. The project manager is free to choose projects which meet their availability. This increases the level of work on our end to match you with the right project manager.

Most importantly, all project information is fed through our proprietary artificial intelligence engine. Every client agrees to rate the project manager and the outcome of the projects they are assigned. This provides us with invaluable insights for improving our performance as a company. We use historical data from previous projects in your industry to help secure the best project manager and outcome for your project.


You choose Beyond Programs because we are a local company with processes that enhance the known PMP certification standard. This allows you as a property or business owner to rely on a specific standard of project manager being assigned to your team. The ability to scale this level of project manager within your team as-needed is the invaluable service we provide to you. Contact us today to see how our certified project managers can help you on your next property or business project

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