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Beyond Programs Ltd is a minority owned triple-bottom-line project management firm headquartered in British Columbia, Canada. Initially founded in 2012, we support companies with the full lifecycle of adopting and managing technology. Towards that goal we provide, training, compliance & auditing preparation, installation, customization, and related services.

We hire certified project managers and coordinate expert providers toward delivering professional results, with the support of our software solutions. Our clients are global and range from property owners to large corporations and municipalities.

Our project managers have hands on experience in a range of industries including Agriculture, Construction, Film, Healthcare, Information Technology, and Logistics

FolioProjects We have funded, created, and maintain our cloud-based Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) SaaS known as FolioProjects.com. Governments, companies, & individuals are encouraged to use the platform to share project performance.

FolioProjects.com uses our unique color rating system AI that we named HueFlux, to quickly relay a range of statuses relating to a project. Group projects together to monitor and share their collective performance.

FolioProjects.com also provides the option to utilize the artificial intelligence platform known as ChatGPT to assist with project management. Clients around the world are encouraged to use this platform for, Emergency response communication, RFP applications, Resumes, Utility outage communication, construction projects, and so much more. The platform is able to predict the potential success of your projects, document risks, and recommend tasks that may increase your likelihood of success.

Our team is unique because we own this global platform and bring its wealth of knowledge to every project. FolioProjects.com allows us to look at historical data of how similar projects have been and are actively performing around the globe. We can then adjust our current operations to be in line with best practices and known successful standards. 

Believe in the power of the HueFlux!

PMP CertifiedBased on client needs, our certified project managers will assemble technical teams and manage their operation. Through strategic partnerships, we are able to bring expert knowledge and virtually unlimited resources to any project.

Beyond Programs Ltd is a black-owned corporation and proudly Canadian. We are excited to partner with you on your next enterprise-level project. What are you working on?


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When budget, schedule, and quality are important factors in your project, you use a project manager. At Beyond Programs Ltd, every project is assigned at least one PMP certified project manager virtually. We work with your executive team to augment your workforce and realize your goals.



You own a business (e.g. home or corporation) and would like to hire Beyond Programs Ltd to support you in sourcing and managing expert resources towards realizing your goals.


You run a business or project. You would like to maintain liability/control and sub-contract Beyond Programs Ltd resources.


You would like to join our partnership network and receive the various benefits. You retain your brand and grow your business through affiliation.


You would like to brand yourself as Beyond Programs via our franchise program. This is the only way to share project management services via our network. 

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