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Last modified: May 10, 2020

At Beyond Programs Ltd, we strive to protect your information. Below we describe how your information is managed and used by Beyond Programs and our partners.

Personal identification information

We store a range of personally identifiable information for personal profiles including but not limited to, name, address, and resume. Client profiles share a range of information including but not limited to, company name, address, and contact information. This profile information is shared with visitors

No payment related information is stored on our servers

Non-personal identification information

We store a range of non-personal information on personal and company profiles. This includes but is not limited to education and work history. This information can be accessible to all visitors

Web Browser cookies

We capture a range of information about all visitors including but not limited to, location, pages visited, and shopping cart contents. This information is designed to make your interaction with the website more user friendly

How we use collected information

Information collected on is shared with our network of partners including but not limited to,, and This information is used to provide an increased level of service to end users

In the case of, all information is processed through artificial intelligence. The goal here is to make predictions about project success

Sharing your personal information

Collected information is shared within our network. This includes personal and non-personally identifiable information. Billing information is not stored on; however, access to this information may be shared between companies in our network

Third Party Websites

Beyond Programs Ltd is not responsible for claims made by third party companies that may advertise or list information on We do make an effort to review all advertisers on our platform for appropriateness

Acceptance of our terms

By visiting you accept all terms listed able and on our terms and conditions page

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