Salesforce integration for cannabis companies

As part of our goal to be the leading IT solutions provider for Canadian Cannabis companies, we offer Salesforce support for those interested in adding a CRM Customer Relationship Management component to their operations. As Salesforce experts, we can help you with everything including web forms and Salesforce configurations.

How Salesforce can help

A CRM is ideal for those whose customer information is more complicated than they can realistically and easily recall. Even if that’s 1 customer, if the information is time-sensitive and complicated enough, a CRM is what you need to keep track of.

A CRM will help you to capture the information as well as take action based on that decision. Some of these actions can be configured to be automatic like an email or report. Other actions need to be manual like calling the customer.

The Setup

First, we need to understand your business and the types of information you collect. From there we can figure out the fields necessary to collect that information efficiently into Salesforce. From there, our team will configure the Salesforce CRM to deliver the most value to your team

For those who need phone numbers and a call center, our team can facilitate your needs there too. We can help with everything from hiring personnel to developing scripts. We can then monitor operations with the goal of calibrating efficiency. After all, do you really know the best times to operate your call center or how much staff you need at that time? These are questions our team can help you to answer.

Website or Call Center or both

One major aspect of any CRM is the addition of customer data. It has to be entered somehow. The most popular ways of integrating with Salesforce is via a website or a call center.

With a website and forms, you are allowing the customer to submit the information directly into your Salesforce account. This could be done via web forms created in Salesforce or your own customer setup using the API. Either way, the information entered by the user is sent to Salesforce and added to your account

Call centers are the solution when a personal touch is needed. Call center agents personally enter the information into Salesforce, based on answers from the customer on the phone.


Our Canadian based team can help your cannabis company to setup and configure the software solutions to fit your needs. Whether you are in Halifax, Nova Scotia or Vancouver, British Columbia, we can support your operations. For those interested in the Salesforce CRM, our dedicated experts can help you with everything from your company organization to the configuration of the software.

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