In preparation for our Mistral VS Llama VS ChatGPT LLM project management competition, we are posting a few articles about the competitors. Currently, Llama 2 70b and ChatGPT 3.5 are available on FolioProjects for project portfolio management. Today we will focus on Llama 2 70B. Check out our video for more details

In this article you will learn about Predictive, Prescriptive, and Generative AI in project management using LLMs like Llama 2. Unlike most articles online today, this article is talking about technology that is available on FolioProjects for you to use. Simply register and use the platform.

What Is FolioProjects?

FolioProjects is a data lake built on a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) architecture. It supports Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Machine Learning (ML) workflows. Use our ML Language Models (LMs) to optimize the project performance of your assets, or use projects in your data pipeline to fine tune ML LMs.

This platform helps you to analyze, optimize, broadcast, and sell the project performance data of assets like people, animals, infrastructure, and equipment with the support of our ML LMs. This results in a rich data lake for fine tuning your own ML LMs on the edge and in private networks.

Project Portfolio Management

This is a well tested and highly used concept in project management. FolioProjects makes this concept available to companies of various sizes. It supports agile and waterfall methodologies and can scale to meet the needs of any organization.

On FolioProjects, you can monitor custom groups of projects in a portfolio. Gain insight into which projects are ready for a new phase and how they are all performing. Also view important statistics like sentiment, money, and vacancies. Data like this is how you measure the effect of LLMs on your business and it’s assets.

Mistral VS Llama VS ChatGPT LLM

The keen eyed amount us would have noticed 2 different LLMs making suggestions in the featured photo. ChatGPT was used first to make a risk analysis of our project. We then changed the settings to have Llama 2 70B take a look. We use the system options to add the suggestions we liked best from each LLM to the project.

As we add content to the project (tasks, risks, lessons, etc), this is fed to the LLM to help improve it’s answers on subsequent inferences. This is a basic example of reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF). For a more traditional and robust example of RLHF, export this data and train your LLMs on the edge with this data for long term results. Note that most people will tell you this is only theory but you can use it today on

LLMs As Your PM Assistant

At the project management level, FolioProjects provides support for workflows, assets management, risk management, lessons learned, auditing, and more. Each of these features feed into AI or can be supported by machine learning language models.

An example of this is our PM Chatbot. Select which LLM you would like to respond to your questions about a project. As it anything in natural language and it will reply in the same way.


The future is here. You can utilize LLMs like Llama 2 70b for project management tasks on This comprehensive solution is able to organize and feed enormous amounts of contextual information into LLMs that is impossible for a human to do on their own through a simple Chatbot textbox.

FolioProjects offers Llama 2, ChatGPT, and other LLMs for project management. Choose the LLM that you feel provides the best prescriptive, predictive, and generative AI qualifies. Use one LLM for project support and a completely different LLM for the chatbot. Completely up to you.



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