microsoft invests in FolioProjects

We are excited to announce that FolioProjects has received startup support from Microsoft. The complete package includes access to a range of technologies including Azure, LinkedIn, and OpenAI. This investment into our project portfolio management platform FolioProjects will support our continued growth and stability.


FolioProjects is a project management platform providing access to Large Language Models for analysis and optimization. We appreciate the continued support of those following our growth and sharing feedback. If you are new to FolioProjects, check out or demo video where we complete the risk analysis of a peanut butter sandwich using ChatGPT.

We are currently in the BETA phase, where we are actively testing Machine Learning Foundation Models and deploying options useful for project management. As you can imagine, this is an expensive endeavor requiring powerful cutting edge technology.


We cant reveal everything; however, the Microsoft investment includes $25,000 in Azure credits. This allows us to continue making ChatGPT available to our project management customers. In addition, this increases our capability to test and deploy Hugging Face Foundation Models to users on FolioProjects.


For those following our journey, you will notice that in addition to Microsoft startup support, we also recently got Amazon AWS support. The truth is that we are cloud agnostic and will continue to test all providers in hopes of finding the best combination of Large Language Models (LLMs) for our customers.

We are currently testing LLMs like the following:

  • Llama 2
  • Jurassic-2
  • Stable Beluga 2
  • Claude 2


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