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Marijuana Website ConsultationOn Oct 17, 2018, Cannabis became Federally legal across Canada. We are proud to support Cannabis related business in Canada with various software solutions. Our business has heavily invested in to providing online and mobile software solutions for all companies in this industry


We own and manage several online resources for the Marijuana industry in Canada including
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website_consultationWe are located in halifax, nova scotia and offer website consultation to local clients. Our team can help you with planning everything from your branding to the development of web solutions. Its important for your business to be online but with so much competition, you need a strategy.


Being successful online today typically requires that you do more than simply creating a website. We have all heard of google ads, facebook and othe...

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halifax_website_securitySecurity is important to your customers and it should be important to you. Our team of security experts can evaluate your website and supporting server architecture to identify deficiencies and remove existing issues. If you have been hacked or would like to implement safeguards against hackers, we can help


Before we start implementing features, we consult with your team and evaluate your current web architecture. This allow...

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beprothemes_demoOur wordpress plugins and themes are growing in sales and notoriety. Because of this, we needed a way to showcase the various ways you can use our products. Currently, we create solutions for over 15 niches including, ecommerce, directories, catalogs, gamification and portfolios


Notice that the website is featuring demos and runs on the same products it is demoing. Specifically, the website runs on our ByCater theme. BePro Cart plugin and our BePro Lis...

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songcity_portfolioThis local talent production company needed a new website to showcase their, management, services and artists. Towards this goal, we helped them to upgrade and setup their Virtual Private Server. We also designed and created a custom wordpress theme.


Our team created the psd design for the customer to review and confirm. We then created a custom wordpress theme which matched the design. Concepts like responsive mobile friendly and social ...

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Our BePro Software team members are expert eCommerce developers. Allow us to help you create an ecommerce website in as little as 10 hours or $550. If you have more complex needs, we have solutions for that too. Contact Our team by clicking here. Select "development" as the subject and tell them what you need built! You can read about the development process by clicking here


To create secure ecommerce websites that are economical to build, we use the worpdress cms (content man...

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We recently completed a project with the Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) facilitating the foundation of an Information Management (IM ) Plan for the entire Atlantic Region (700+ Employees). This type of IT Analysis is indicative of how we at Beyond Programs Ltd, are able to help medium sized organizations towards achieving their goals. Information is a major asset for any business today. In scenarios where information is stored, analysed , and distributed to multiple parties, the management of this information becomes an important aspect. Management revolves around the storage, access, and security related to information. ...

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BePro Software is a service we are offering for those interested in our products or software development services. Contact us today to have one of our BePro Developers help you with your online product development needs. Read more about it here.BePro Software est un service que nous offrons pour ceux qui s'intéressent à nos produits ou services de développement de logiciel. Contactez-nous dès aujourd'hui pour avoir l'un de nos développeurs BePro vous aider avec vos besoins de développement de produit en ligne. En savoir plus à ce sujet ici....

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