Beyond Programs Ltd, as the name suggests, is focused on project management. Our mission is to enhance the process of managing projects through the utilization of technology. All of our products and resources are focused on this goal.

Global offerings

Currently, we operate out of our .ca website. Our current focus for growth is in Canada; however, the growth of our client and customer base in other countries is inevitable. We fully intend to evolve as a global brand and expand operations into other countries

Software Solutions

We own a range of websites, all catered to lead generation. One website, is focused on managing projects. Every project ran by Beyond Programs is fed through This software solution is currently in the testing phase. It’s designed to help employers find the best possible resources for their projects. It’s also designed to help people find the best job for their skillset. We are excited to use operations at Beyond Programs as part of our testing and hope to release the solution globally

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