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Continuing along with our goal to be the #1 producer of online software solutions to Canadian Cannabis companies, we have created Since we create and sell several WordPress plugins and Themes, it made sense to extend that focus to the Cannabis industry. With WordPress running over 30% of the world's internet, we believe that its e-commerce, membership, and other readily available features will be of interest to Marijuana companies.

The Website

WP Mari...

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beprothemes_demoOur wordpress plugins and themes are growing in sales and notoriety. Because of this, we needed a way to showcase the various ways you can use our products. Currently, we create solutions for over 15 niches including, ecommerce, directories, catalogs, gamification and portfolios


Notice that the website is featuring demos and runs on the same products it is demoing. Specifically, the website runs on our ByCater theme. BePro Cart plugin and our BePro Lis...

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Recently we had to build a wordpress plugin. The requirements were that two buttons would be assigned to every post about the featured image. Instead of hacking into the existing theme, we opted to use the wordpress action hook "the_post" to achieve our goals.

The Dilemma

The thing to note here, is that the theme was very custom. The owners of the site were themselves developers, and confused about how to edit the theme. In actuality, the pages were constructed via functions in several php files. The posts, like many custom themes, had various layouts which each had their own functions. The requirement was that each of these variants as well as the pages themselves, must have the buttons available to them.


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