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Our software developers can help you with your custom development needs. With a minimum of a computer science degree, our team has the education and expertise necessary to build your mobile, web or desktop application correctly.


Our team can help you through the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) . From planning through to maintenance, we can help you with all phases of development. We also have designers and project managers available to help you navigate the application development process We work with various programming languages including php and java. We also work with various database solutions including MySQL and Postgress. From small to complex, we have the experties to develop y...

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We offer web and mobile development services in the nova scotia area. Our dedicated team of software developers can help you to achieve your development goals. Allow us to contribute from the planning through development and maintenance phases.


Whether you are still at the idea stage or have an existing product, we can help you to develop your solution into a profitable product. Our team can join your existing team or we can work with you towards achieving your goals. Our local halifax developers can help you with everything from the planning to the maintenance and evolution of your web or mobile project. We understand each phase and can either provide each service or provide the service you need today. ...

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website_design_halifaxIf you need a, logo, Advertisement,   custom website design, or an entire online brand, we at Beyond Programs Ltd can help. Our team of designers can facilitate any need. We are located in halifax, Nova Scotia.


We can help to refine your existing logo or work with you to create a new one. A logo is often times the first aspect of your business that a customer notices. A log...

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Mysql is a very nice database. Just like php its extreamly forgiving. Anyone with experience with RDBMS setups will know exactly what we mean. For this article, we will be discussing the "Group By" argument and how mysql makes really good guesses. Moreover, we will be discussing what happens when mysql doesn't make that guess and you have to learn a little more SQL to generate the results Scenario We were looking for the "COUNT" or amount of times, each distinct record in a particular column existed. So in a column of types, what types exist and how many of said type. The type should not be repeated within the result. Under a simple test, we can see that there is absolutely no need for a "Group By" clause...

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