Eastern House Cuisine is our first Proto Partner. We support this local Halifax Restaurant with all of their online business. This includes managing their social outreach and online payments. This restaurant specializes in serving food with certified Halal meat. Visit them today at Easternhouse.ca


This local business specializes in providing the best middle eastern food in halifax. Their Robie St location offers them great visibility for their Restaurant. They also have a Gladstone St location for their Grocery Store. They focus on 3 main services, restaurant, bakery, and grocery. Their goal is to continue to grow both their store front and online markets.


We have partnered with Eastern House Cuisine towards achieving their goals. Specifically they intend to grow their notoriety and visibility. They engage and appreciate all local business, However, their primary market are those looking for Halal Meat products.  The biggest problem they are having is the distribution of product availability to their key customers.

We have created their website to begin the process. We have also created a few social outlets for them to communicate with their growing clientele. They now have an opportunity to engage their clients online and accept online orders.


To achieve the goals of this customer, we have several plans for continuing the development of their customer communication and retention channels.  This includes a major marketing effort on our end to make it easier for local Nova Scotia residents to find this client’s restaurant, bakery, and grocery options.

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