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Our BePro Software team members are expert eCommerce developers. Allow us to help you create an ecommerce website in as little as 10 hours or $550. If you have more complex needs, we have solutions for that too. Contact Our team by clicking here. Select "development" as the subject and tell them what you need built! You can read about the development process by clicking here


To create secure ecommerce websites that are economical to build, we use the worpdress cms (content man...

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Eastern House Cuisine is our first Proto Partner. We support this local Halifax Restaurant with all of their online business. This includes managing their social outreach and online payments. This restaurant specializes in serving food with certified Halal meat. Visit them today at


This local business specializes in providing the best middle eastern food in halifax. Their Robie St location offers them great vis...

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partsshowroom_portfolioThis eCommerce project included transferring over 3000 product groups and 20,000 products to a wordpress WooCommerce installation. This provided the website owner with full control of all content including products. We also provided a custom design to reflect their brand.


This project required a custom design on top of the ecommerce features. We transferred the data and helped the customer to design a website which reflects ...

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Recently we had to transfer 3,000 product groups and over 20,000 individual product sku's to a wordpress woocommerce installation. We quickly noticed that there was very little documentation regarding how exactly to set this all up pragmatically.  This post goes over some important aspects to note when performing the conversion

Woocommerce Product Fields

Woocommerce has several standard, meta, attribute, and post data. Specif...

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Invest Africa is a micro-investment or micro venture capital platform dedicated to helping micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Africa get the funding they need to grow and fight poverty in their communities. This site utilizes wordpress with our BePro Finance and BePro Contributions plugins to facilitate their needs crowdfunding needs

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