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This company needed help building a private jet reservation system for their clients. This is a custom built solution including administration area, flight route calculation, and checkout process ending with credit card acceptance through

Each aircraft has settings for, seats, cost per hour, taxes, etc. There is the ability to assign aircraft to locations and assign their availability and cost per pilot. On the front end, the user is presented with javascript validation and google map imagery to guide them through the process and represent the details.

Every public airport on the east cost of the U.S. were stored in the database for this client. The user is able to see all details regarding the trip and is prompted to enter further details before eventually being forwarded to


This product was created in a two stage process spanning 20 days. A timeline of 30 days should generally


This product was created in the $750 – $2500 price range. This price range is indicative of small simple well known applications.



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