Beyond Programs provides call center setup and optimization solutions. From customer relationship management (CRM) integration like Salesforce to human resource logistics, choose our experienced team to partner with you on your journey.

After the team is assembled and scripts created, it’s important to monitor performance and scale operations in line with marketing. As your partner, we will assist you with customizing your call center to work for your business.


When creating a call center, there are a few aspects to consider. Our team and Beyond Programs provides you with all of the following services

  • Location research, negotiation, and maintenance
  • Human Resource management
  • Script development
  • CRM integration including Salesforce
  • Setup and management of phone numbers
  • Integration with support systems including ServiceNow
  • VOIP setup and maintenance
  • Office computer setup and maintenance

If you are in a position to outsource, we can help with:

  • Pre Qualify & Transfer Leads
  • Fronters/Closers
  • Overseas Call Centers
  • Overflow Call Centers
  • Outsource Live Chat Operations


After your call center is setup, you will need to optimize its performance. We will help you to

  • Track the lifecycle of leads
  • Analyze data throughout your entire marketing funnel
  • Provide heat maps of peak times of operation
  • Scaling call center staff daily with marketing strategy
  • Customer feedback retrieval and analysis
  • CRM bug fixes and customization e.g. Salesforce

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