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What else would you expect from a project management firm spawned from a software development startup? First, we brought you, local certified project managers, by subscription. Now we bring you the future, AI project management. FolioProjects is now integrated with ChatGPT. How much should you trust AI to run your project, is now a choice.

Today we will talk about the business of monetizing ChatGPT through our Enterprise Resource Planning solution FolioProjects. If you would prefer a technical perspective, our BeProSoftware team wrote an article about the FolioProjects and ChatGPT integration.


FolioProjects is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution. It is designed to help organizations measure project performance and share details with interested groups. Its design is focused on facilitating communication between people, applications, and resources like vehicles and smart homes. It is a refreshingly simple, yet powerful tool.

Our certified Projects Managers use FolioProjects on all projects. Through this platform, we are able to learn from the performance of past projects and improve in real time. You can use it for governments, corporations, and even gig economy contracting.

There are no images or gamification on FolioProjects by design. We strive to be different from the major platforms that exist today. Ultimately, we are talking about the future of the internet.

What you will see on FolioProjects is our HueFlux rating technology. Its colour-coded mechanism segments user groups and measures their sentiments about the project. It allows us ultimately to derive how any project is performing, providing a wealth of operational optimization opportunities.


This is an artificial intelligence (AI) application which you can converse with like a human. As of this writing, it’s programmed on data from 2021 and can answer a range of questions from legal to hypothetical.

The data it is trained on is currently controversial, since that dataset is the internet. We all know how trustworthy random information is on the internet.

The issues are multifaceted, as with any new technology, including copyright issues and inaccuracies parroted by the application as fact. Some issues will be rectified over time, while others are intrinsic issues with the dataset.

Our understanding is that the platform is in a research phase that is heaving funded by Microsoft. Their Application Program Interface (API) which our applications use to communicate, is billed per usage.

Birth of AI project management

Simply put, we integrated ChatGPT with FolioProjects. Now in 2023, you can engage AI to do the following:

  • Risk assessment
  • Milestone recommendations
  • Success Predictions

While editing any project, you will have the opportunity to select ChatGPT as an AI solution for analyzing your project. HueFlux is another option we are working on, that you will see visible,

If the ChatGPT option is selected and saved, your project will be analyzed using their API. This includes FolioProjects sending your project data to their API in chunks, to get relevant answers. We then save the ChatGPT assessment of your project and display the data across your project. The results are visible in places where the data can be best utilized. For example, milestone suggestions are under the milestone tab and the percent likelihood of success for your project is on the home page of your project, where are a range of project statistics are also shown.

Wanna see for yourself? Take a look at our simple peanut butter sandwich project. Notice that ChatGPT has rated our project with a 100% chance of making a successful project. Multiple factors go into that decision-making like the milestones you have already created. We will continue to refine the formula.


FolioProjects is focused on monetization from day 1, including ads on content generated by free tier customers, and paid subscription options currently open to enterprise customers.

ChatGPT provides another benefit for paid customers. Instead of the limitations on free accounts, subscribers are able to freely engage ChatGPT AI towards receiving constant feedback about their project.

As FolioProjects is cloud-based, it’s easy to access and get started. We have begun testing the application on TV screens for use in businesses. You and your team can begin running operations on the platform today. This low barrier to entry is unique for tools like this.

The Future

HueFlux provides an opportunity to measure project performance. This we believe will provide the richest data set possible to base future projects from. There will be many AI engines in the future, and we intend to provide our customers with access to all of them with APIs.

Ad revenue sharing is a major next step for the platform. Youtube, Spotify, and others share ad revenue with creators, so there is nothing new there. Users that amass over 1000 followers on FolioProjects, will have the opportunity to partner with us in Ad Revenue sharing.

We cannot share everything with you here today; however, one obvious future for FolioProjects includes integrating with other AI platforms as they come online.

In the near future, you can also expect to see FolioProjects in your mobile phone, vehicle, office, and home.

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