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halifax_web_developmentIf you are in Nova Scotia and looking for a new Website, we can help with design and development. Our local team specializes in custom development, as well as utilization of CMS systems like wordpress.


We can help with all aspects of design. Our team will can use your existing brand as a template for your website or we can help you to create a brand. Have us provide various logo and website design options. This can be provided in psd, jpeg, or any format most convenient for you


Our development team is second to none. If you have a complex project or a simple website, we can fit your needs. Our portfolio includes all types of businesses including

  • Not For Profit
  • Small Business
  • Local Government
  • Start Up Companies

Whatever your project size, consider using our services. We can help with all aspects from inception through to maintenance. You will have your own project manager, to communicate all aspects in an easy to understand format. We specialize in several development languages including, php, .NET, Java, and Ruby on Rails.

Our Team

We can work within your existing setup or become your development team. Each of our team members have at least a computer science degree. For the best software and web development in Halifax Nova Scotia, you have come to the right place The difference with our team is the experience. Not only have we worked with many local companies, but we also build and distribute software globally. We understand your market, local or international.


There are few options in Halifax Nova Scotia, for local web and software development experts. Our portfolio includes all levels of organizations from Start Up to the Local government. Contact us today to see how our development team can assist you with your project.

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