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By March 18, 2012 Web Developer Tutorials

Finally, all the information regarding the wordpress paging options are in one place. We are talking about paging for, articles, comments, and pages. These are is very little documentation on the subject and for most people the only solution is to use a paging plugin.


On a recent job, we were tasked with a design that called for ever paging option that wordpress had to offer. We quickly found that the information regarding building your own setup is scattered throughout the internet. The hope of this article is to save someone the hours it took us to find out how to setup (first, previous, next, last) buttons everywhere we needed paging.


WordPress does make it possible for you to get all of this information although it will take some coding knowledge. With global values supplying current and total numbers, the rest can be calculated if not supplied via functions.   If you would like to learn more or need help with this issue, simply contact us here

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