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Our BePro Software Team has done it again. We are pleased to introduce Woo Schedule to the world. This new plugin is catered to businesses with operating times.  This will allow you to stop users from processing orders during the times you set.

What does it do?

This plugin focuses on preventing the processing of payments. For some, this is a silly idea. The whole purpose of the internet is to be constantly available. However, many of our proto partners and businesses that use woocommerce have operating times. For businesses like, restaurants, grocery stores, and other service type industries,  orders during times of limited or no operation is bad for business

Plugin Scheduling Options

This plugin provides a very easy interface for setting the operation times in every day of the week. With the use of a jquery timepicker, the user is able to easily set the time in 15 minute intervals. If you don’t have any operations for that particular day, simply set both the start time and end time to the same thing


You can read all about the plugin and download the Woo Schedule plugin on Our BePro Software Team is constantly creating new products to fit the needs of our Proto Partners. If you need a custom wordpress, woocommerce, or ecommerce plugin solution created, then contact us today

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