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website_consultationWe are located in halifax, nova scotia and offer website consultation to local clients. Our team can help you with planning everything from your branding to the development of web solutions. Its important for your business to be online but with so much competition, you need a strategy.


Being successful online today typically requires that you do more than simply creating a website. We have all heard of google ads, facebook and other advertising mediums. However, these companies are huge and definitely didn’t design their services to fit only you. You need to plan before you loose time and resources

Our team of experts understands social engagement and web development. We can design an online solution which meets or exceeds your goals for communicating with your customers and generating sales. The biggest companies on the planet have a team just for this task and we can be your team


We begin the process by speaking with your internal stakeholders. The initial consultation is $550 CAD. Contact us to begin the process Today. We discuss your customers, current status of operations and your goals for profitability going forward. That allows us to create a strategy which is designed for your business

Once we identify a strategy, we create a roadmap for achieving your goals. We cover everything from how you engage with customers online to the mediums through which you communicate. Having a uniform approach throughout your company will help you to scale business operations as your company grows.


Our team of business and development experts have years of experience in the field. We actually sell products online through brands we own like We engage with global customers on a daily basis and have first hand knowledge of how to grow a brand online.



Our team of experts can work with you towards creating and executing an online strategy for accomplishing your goals. First we start by understanding how you do business and where you would like to go. We then create a road map that’s tailored to your operations and work with you to implement it. From twitter to google ads, we know the tactics which can help you to become successful through online operations.


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Our team of Business, design and development professionals can help you achieve your goals online. Contact us today to begin the consultation process or get started on your project.