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As a software company, we are always searching for new markets to distribute our existing software solutions and find new customers for our services. As Cannabis has been legalized in Canada in 2018, we have begun focusing on supporting this market.

The Website

For this website we used one of the WordPress themes that we currently sell and customized it for the market. Visitors can quickly find information regarding, dispensaries, stores, tours, and other Cannabis related...

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Our BePro Software team members are expert eCommerce developers. Allow us to help you create an ecommerce website in as little as 10 hours or $550. If you have more complex needs, we have solutions for that too. Contact Our team by clicking here. Select "development" as the subject and tell them what you need built! You can read about the development process by clicking here


To create secure ecommerce websites that are economical to build, we use the worpdress cms (content man...

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This local retailer is located on one of the major commercial areas in Halifax Nova Scotia. We have created a responsive (Mobile Compatible) e-commerce solution for them to sell Jewelry and Clothing apparel This project included creating a new website for the company as well as several marketing related pieces. The goal is to create revenue through online sales We are proud to announce our partnership with Beads R Us....

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Our BePro Software Team has done it again. We are pleased to introduce Woo Schedule to the world. This new plugin is catered to businesses with operating times.  This will allow you to stop users from processing orders during the times you set.

What does it do?

This plugin focuses on preventing the processing of payments. For some, this is a silly idea. The whole purpose of the internet is to be constantly available. However, many of our proto partners and businesses that use woocommerce
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partsshowroom_portfolioThis eCommerce project included transferring over 3000 product groups and 20,000 products to a wordpress WooCommerce installation. This provided the website owner with full control of all content including products. We also provided a custom design to reflect their brand.


This project required a custom design on top of the ecommerce features. We transferred the data and helped the customer to design a website which reflects ...

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Are you interested in creating a listings site? Or maybe you just want to give a searchable address to your wordpress posts. Well welcome BePro Listings, your tool set for creating the features that you need. Integrate what you need, where you need it, within your existing setup, with this wordpress plugin.


The goal of this plugin is to allow you to add Seachable Contact and/or Geographic data to wordpress posts. This plugin is for those looking to ...

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This site was developed to be a video community. The owners specifically needed the ability for users to have community features like, forums, friends, registration, and profiles. We used wordpress and buddypress to create these features The goal was to allow registered members to see what others have submitted. Users are able to submit videos or articles and others can comment.  Submission and requests are all monitored by an admin.


Built using wordpress and buddypress, this community has several features to keep the members happy. With the cms handling user management, we added ways for the users to interact like, social capabilities, user contributions, forums and more. This customer had their own design provided w...

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Recently we had a client who needed the entire group setup changed. They wanted to call it something else. As you can imagine, there are lots of references to groups through the buddypress setup. You can change the language files or you can change things directly and permanently. On our journey, we came across the function bp_directory_groups_search_form(). This generates that ajax search form on the groups page. This function and all other necessary files to alter the group listing page can be found here:

  • /bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php -> line 2285
  • /bp-themes/bp-default/groups/index.php -> line 27
Recently we had a client who needed the entire group setup changed. Th...

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This product was created to simplify the rollout process of a website. On one configuration page, the user is able to set the header, site address, entire theme and much more. These settings have far reaching characteristics like creating a google map on the contact page from the entered address. 10 themes were created as part of this product. Users are able to select between the themes then configure the aspects of that theme that make it unique like images, link colors, etc This product was built on the wordpress platform and allows for all of the other wordpress functionality. This plugin simply makes the entire process of management simpler.


This product was created within 15 days. A timeline of 30 days is...

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Here is a community site built to join up teams and destinations. We were brought in to work with the development team to move the event registration system from drupal to wordpress. This process involved transferring all data and re-engineering the system to work with wordpress as well as incorporate new functionality


This project was done in 45 days.  This timeline because of the customized components cannot be guaranteed but is a good starting point in terms of expecations.


This product was done in the $750 - $2500 budget range and was under budgeted.  Data moves and re-engineering  components differ greatly and would have to be quoted separately.


beyondprograams immediatel...

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