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nsgambia_portfolioThis registered not for profit needed a redesign of their main website. This included a new theme and help integrating information into their new layout. We have facilitated a medium which allows them to, conduct fund raising, communication, and media management. This product is built on the wordpress cms. We worked with their team to create a custom design which reflected their brand and goals. We then helped them to refine and implement the design...

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This product serves as an information portal and teaching tool. offers quizzes and flash based pdf lessons. The audience is separated into 4 distinct groups and submissions are recorded for review by the site owner. The product works by converting pdf files to swf files via a customized application. Once converted, the swf files are uploaded and easily distributed throughout the wordpress system via shortcodes.   Timeline: This product was created within 14 days. A timeline of 14-45 days should generally Budget: This product was created in the $750 - $2500 price range. This price range is indicative of small simple well known applications. Review:...

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