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This site was developed to be a video community. The owners specifically needed the ability for users to have community features like, forums, friends, registration, and profiles. We used wordpress and buddypress to create these features The goal was to allow registered members to see what others have submitted. Users are able to submit videos or articles and others can comment.  Submission and requests are all monitored by an admin.


Built using wordpress and buddypress, this community has several features to keep the members happy. With the cms handling user management, we added ways for the users to interact like, social capabilities, user contributions, forums and more. This customer had their own design provided w...

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Recently we had a client who needed the entire group setup changed. They wanted to call it something else. As you can imagine, there are lots of references to groups through the buddypress setup. You can change the language files or you can change things directly and permanently. On our journey, we came across the function bp_directory_groups_search_form(). This generates that ajax search form on the groups page. This function and all other necessary files to alter the group listing page can be found here:

  • /bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php -> line 2285
  • /bp-themes/bp-default/groups/index.php -> line 27
Recently we had a client who needed the entire group setup changed. Th...

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While working on a buddypress project for a site, we needed to create custom content in the group area. This would necessitate the creation of group level navigation and corresponding pages. The Dilemma New to the plugin, we wanted a quick way to get up and running but found it difficult to figure out exactly how to get your own link in the group menu. Once you do get the link in the menu, how do you render the page? The Solutions Turns out there are two solutions to the issue. One is wordpress based and the other is a buddypress function/procedure which handles everything. Lets start with the wordpress approach wordpress With wordpress we can ...

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