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Our dedicated and local team can help you to create an online strategy for your online advertising goals. We specialize in Social and Search Pay Per Click campaigns. With a minimum budget of $15,000/Mo CAD, we can help you to get started today. All contracts are 12 month engagements. Longer terms can be negotiated


We work primarily with the Google and Bing advertising networks. These capture the majority of online advertising for english speaking search traffic. Our team can manage all aspects of your online search advertising accounts. We maintain and optimize your accounts throughout the year.


For some businesses, social advertising the is the best way to capture clients. Some believe in tweets and social posts to engage their customers. Our team specializes in advertising on platforms like Facebook. We have experience driving sales through placing ads on social sites. Our team will work with you towards identifying your markets, creating ads, purchasing the ads, and measuring the conversions


We understand that conversions are a major goal for any online marketing campaign. We can help you to create landing pages and other advertising funnels to measure and convert customers. Our development team is available to help make your advertising campaign a success.

We consider this step to be very important. Most customers like to know the success of their campaign. All of our engagements include tracking pixels and other strategies to monitor and measure the success of our campaigns. We believe this is the best way to optimize and increase the performance of your campaigns.


If you are interested in capturing customers via paid ads, engage our Halifax NS PPC team today. Let us create a strategy to get customers into your ad funnel today.