Hire Beyond Programs to help you coordinate resources during your next renovation project. Our certified project managers act as your support in tracking the project, communicating with workers, and managing your budget. Add the structure provided by a certified project manager to increase the performance of your projects. When quality, schedule, and cost are important, choose a certified project manager.

Beyond Programs can help you with everything from renovation estimates to constructing new buildings all within the FolioProjects.com platform. Our certified project managers have years of construction industry-specific experience. We source expert providers from our partnership network or create new relationships with local providers. We will establish a project plan with them and manage the execution.

We are your partner on each project, regardless of its size or complexity. Our certified project management team will start where you are and help you to get the result you are looking for. We are available virtually across Canada and have experience auditing existing construction operations and providing mitigation solutions as issues are presented.


You are never alone when you hire our team. Also, all of the records of your project are available for you to review and share at any time on FolioProjects.com You can engage our team at any stage of your planning from thought through to execution and repair. Our team members are available on an as-needed basis. Consider hiring our team for the following:

  • Patio deck installation & repair
  • Air-condition unit installation
  • Inspections
  • New roofs
  • New foundations
  • Home extensions
  • Window replacements
  • HVAC
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Kitchen renovations


At Beyond Programs, we provide a popular service, in a new package.

  • Typically, contractors engage you for a specific project. With Beyond Programs, you purchase a minimum amount of hours for the year. Use these hours throughout the year for any type of project and at any phase of the project.
  • With Beyond Programs, you are never locked into a specific project manager. If your needs change, we can provide more certified project managers or switch out members as needed. This also works as you move across Canada since we hire certified project managers across the country.
  • We don’t excuse poor performance. Since we do not work for the service providers, we are in a position to monitor, track, prevent, and mitigate issues. As a solutions provider, we will not just identify issues with the selected provider’s performance, we will actively find solutions as the project progresses.
  • At Beyond Programs, we are a technology company first. We use Artificial Intelligence to analyze our projects. We learn from each experience and you benefit from what we have learned on previous projects. Reviews on every project are also public, providing you with insight into what to expect from providers.
  • Our partnership network allows us to quickly source expert service providers across Canada. Every year, we review all of our partners for their safety, performance, insurance, and general fit for operations. We only retain relationships with companies that maintain a high level of safety and performance reviews.



Add some peace of mind to your project and increase the likelihood of success. For a few thousand a year, you can hire a certified project manager to help you on projects. We offer 3 pricing tiers that typically puts our involvement at 5-20% of your total project costs depending on specifics.

Purchase the tier that works best for your needs. If you typically need a lot of help, choose a higher tier, providing you with the access you need to our experts. We scale the number of certified resources up and down to fit your needs.

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