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Here at Beyond Programs Ltd, our team consist of software professionals with years of development experience. All development is overseen by a lead developer with at least a university degree and 5+ years of experience. You can expect a certain degree of, robustness, security, and longevity with our creations.


With 10+ years of education and development experience working for start-ups to fortune 500 companies in 3 different countries, Noble brings a unique set of skills to this company. Apart from team and project management, working for several north american based companies, he  has had the chance to interact with many technical teams for varying software based purposes. His career journey includes several verticals including, financial, online media, health, education, marketing, and government to name a few. These verticals would have produced popular globally recognized web domains and top Alexa ranked sites.

Join Our Team

We provide IT related services for a range of clients including, Corporations, long term contacts, not for profit organizations, and others. For the right individual, we offer competitive compensation and an opportunity to grow professionally.

If you are interested in working on the cutting edge of technology, consider joining our corporation. We are always looking for talented individuals.  To apply, simply contact us.  Include  at least TEN (10) of the following requirements that you meet or exceed in your reply.

  1. 3+ years of development experience
  2. University degree or Diploma in computer science or related field
  3. Development experience with wordpress, drupal, or other php based CMS systems
  4. Bespoke development experience
  5. PHP framework experience e.g. Kohana, Cakephp, etc
  6. Team based project experience
  7. DOM manipulation knowledge & exposure to javascript libraries like, jquery, mootools, etc
  8. RDBMS experience with databases like MSSQL, postgreSQL, Oracle
  9. PSD to HTML/CSS experience and capability
  10. SEO optimization techniques
  11.  Mobile application development either native like android or through 3rd party like PhoneGap
  12. Unix/Linux Server management experience
  13. Past full time employment as a Software or Web developer

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