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Halifax Website Security Audit Expert

By September 24, 2015 News

halifax_website_securitySecurity is important to your customers and it should be important to you. Our team of security experts can evaluate your website and supporting server architecture to identify deficiencies and remove existing issues. If you have been hacked or would like to implement safeguards against hackers, we can help


Before we start implementing features, we consult with your team and evaluate your current web architecture. This allows us to determine your risk profile and gives us an idea of the amount of work needed to protect your information. Our evaluation and consultation service is $1000 CAD, contact us today to begin

Once we have identified how you do business and your exposure online, we provide options for protecting your information and customers. We offer preventative options like, firewalls, virus scans, ssl and more. Regardless of how you do business online, there are options for reducing your risk profile and speeding up recovery if things do go wrong


If you are already experiencing issues, we can help. We live in a new age where security breaches can have serious repercussions. From law suits to lost jobs, today’s security breaches are cause for concern. No use crying over spilt milk, if you are in trouble, reach out today and let our team get to work for you

Our team can help with current server attacks like denial of service. We can also help with virus removal. If you already have backups, we can begin the process of getting you back up and running. In some cases, we can begin the repair process even without an existing backup. We have a range of tools to help combat existing issues and engage the recovery process

Once issues are fixed, we then provide the tools needed to reduce the likelihood of the issue occurring again. Most attacks are random but some aren’t. We can identify the probable source and cause of your security issue and provide solutions for the future


Regardless of where you are in nova scotia, our halifax based team can assist you with your website security needs. From preventative steps to actual recovery, our dedicated security team has the experties to help you navigate these types of issues. Reach out today to get a quote on your specific needs.

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