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We originally wrote this article back in 2011 when FolioProjects was first envisioned. It took us over a decade to get funding, but now we are here in 2023. Many platforms have come close to creating the original dream; however, surprisingly, all have missed the mark.

FolioProjects is a project portfolio management SaaS. This platform measures and shares project performance with stakeholders using a range of internet-connected mediums. Artificial intelligence is used to support project owners in the management of projects.


The core fundamentals of FolioProjects have gone unchanged, including providing insights into your project data and helping users to share their information with stakeholders. FolioProjects has been and will always be focused on helping individuals, as well as companies, to realize their true potential.

Governments, universities, defence organizations, and even restaurants actively share projects and their outcomes publicly. Sometimes contributors are known, sometimes not. We designed a configurable product that can adapt to all of these needs. If you require updates about public works projects in your area, or insight into the nuance of how specific career tweaks could change your prospects, FolioProjects is your solution.


Along the journey, we understood that a project-sharing platform would have a lot of useful real-world data. We designed a mechanism to measure project performance, allowing us to rank and assess differences between similar projects. This obviously has many useful applications, like supporting active projects, or helping individuals to build the perfect resume.

HueFlux is a human-first approach to artificial intelligence. However, some may prefer the other approaches being invented today like ChatGPT. So we have integrated with ChatGPT, providing users with the option to choose which AI engine they would prefer to assist them. The technologies are obviously very different in terms of how they source information.


We are excited to usher the birth of the AI Project Manager. It’s been a long journey to get here; however, the results speak for themselves. Today, you can utilize the power of artificial intelligence to assist you in the management of your projects. In reality, we see a future where it would be considered negligent not to consult AI in all projects.

Our company’s triple bottom line foundation will continue to be baked into the essence of FolioProjects. You can see this today with the HueFlux AI and you will continue to see it throughout it’s evolution under Beyond Programs Ltd.

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