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finding patterns

Recently we launched our Project Manager service to offer customer alternatives to single payment projects. Many times customers need help planning the product or refining it after its been launched. This service gives us the opportunity to work with you on an almost hourly basis to guide your project just when you need it most. […]

wordpress and remote files

Recently, we had a client who needed to upload hundreds of records at a time to his site via a csv file. These records would have 12 columns each. Some columns would come directly from the columns in the csv file while others had to be derived. Not that complicated really, things like google lat/lon […]

unschedule wordpress cron

Recently we’ve been playing around with the wordpress cron features. The one thing that’s very badly documented is how to know when its working and how to cancel them. When scheduling the cron jobs via wordpress, the documentation explains that you should set them up using the “time()” function as the first argument in wp_schedule_event($timestamp, $recurrence, $hook, $args);. […]