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limit left join

Recently we had to pull a single date from a table of dates during a left join. In fact, we needed the most recent date that matched a particular id. We quickly figured out that a left join does not allow for the use of limits in our case. The Dilemma We did mean in […]

Group By

Mysql is a very nice database. Just like php its extreamly forgiving. Anyone with experience with RDBMS setups will know exactly what we mean. For this article, we will be discussing the “Group By” argument and how mysql makes really good guesses. Moreover, we will be discussing what happens when mysql doesn’t make that guess […]

paradox to mysql conversion

We recently had a customer who had an old 19xx Delphi setup. We can no idea what DB, MB, PX, XG, YG meant. However, we knew that there was data in there. If you are looking at this blog for information, you probably ran into the same problem we had searching everywhere and finding nothing. […]

wordpress and remote files

Recently, we had a client who needed to upload hundreds of records at a time to his site via a csv file. These records would have 12 columns each. Some columns would come directly from the columns in the csv file while others had to be derived. Not that complicated really, things like google lat/lon […]