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By March 18, 2012 Web Developer Tutorials

While working on a buddypress project for a site, we needed to create custom content in the group area. This would necessitate the creation of group level navigation and corresponding pages.

The Dilemma

New to the plugin, we wanted a quick way to get up and running but found it difficult to figure out exactly how to get your own link in the group menu. Once you do get the link in the menu, how do you render the page?

The Solutions

Turns out there are two solutions to the issue. One is wordpress based and the other is a buddypress function/procedure which handles everything. Lets start with the wordpress approach


With wordpress we can simply tap into one of the buddypress events. Specifically, we would want to tap into the “bp_group_options_nav” event. Right there you can echo your li elements


Now this is the more complete solution. You can do everything from simply facilitating the group level menu item to actually generating the page itself and integrating into group creation.

Sub Menus

Sub menus are not covered by either approch. Turns out, once you generate the page, you must generate any sub menu’s on your own also. We recommend creating a¬†separate¬†function to handle this.

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