By Portfolio, wordpress

This eCommerce project included transferring over 3000 product groups and 20,000 products to a wordpress WooCommerce installation. This provided the website owner with full control of all content including products. We also provided a custom design to reflect their brand.

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how to add products to wordpress woocommerce with PHP

By Technical, woocommerce

Recently we had to transfer 3,000 product groups and over 20,000 individual product sku’s to a wordpress woocommerce installation. We quickly noticed that there was very little documentation regarding how exactly to set this all up pragmatically.  This post goes over some important aspects to note when performing the conversion Woocommerce Product Fields Woocommerce has several standard, meta, attribute, […]

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Nova Scotia Gambia

By Portfolio, wordpress

This not for profit needed a redesign of their main website. This included a new theme and help integrating information into their new layout. We have facilitated a medium which allows them to, conduct fund raising, communication, and media management.

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BePro Listings

By products

BePro Listings is a FREE wordpress plugin for creating listing websites. This plugin is for those looking to implement listing type features into their existing design. Use our widgets, shortcodes, and other native wordpress features

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wordpress post hook

By Technical

Recently we had to build a wordpress plugin. The requirements were that two buttons would be assigned to every post about the featured image. Instead of hacking into the existing theme, we opted to use the wordpress action hook “the_post” to achieve our goals. The Dilemma The thing to note here, is that the theme was very […]

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This site was developed to be a video community. The owners specifically needed the ability for users to have community features like, forums, friends, registration, and profiles. We used wordpress and buddypress to create these features

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buddypress group customization

By Buddypress, Technical

Recently we had a client who needed the entire group setup changed. They wanted to call it something else. As you can imagine, there are lots of references to groups through the buddypress setup. You can change the language files or you can change things directly and permanently. On our journey, we came across the […]

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limit left join

By Databases, Technical

Recently we had to pull a single date from a table of dates during a left join. In fact, we needed the most recent date that matched a particular id. We quickly figured out that a left join does not allow for the use of limits in our case. The Dilemma We did mean in […]

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anythingslider margin

By front end, Technical

We love using anythingslider on our projects. Pull in its js and easing.js and you are off and running with a quick call under document.ready. The Dilema Recently we had an issue where the image was not centered in the slider. It was about 30 px to the right. I mean, you could see the […]

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Group By

Mysql is a very nice database. Just like php its extreamly forgiving. Anyone with experience with RDBMS setups will know exactly what we mean. For this article, we will be discussing the “Group By” argument and how mysql makes really good guesses. Moreover, we will be discussing what happens when mysql doesn’t make that guess […]

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