Beyond Programs LTD is a software development service provider. Registered in Nova Scotia Canada, we serve global English, French and Spanish speaking clients. From Sydney Australia, to San Francisco California USA, we have worked with companies in  various markets.


  • Product Design & Development

  • Presentations & Communications

  • Security & Performance

  • Technical Support & Documentation

  • Critical Problem Solving

  • Team Building & Training

  • Testing & Verification

  • Analysis and Research

The Difference:

There are several aspects that sets Beyond Programs LTD apart from the competition.

  • IT knowledgeable management staff with direct development and management experience
  • U.S east coast timeline with International availability and familiar english accent
  • Platform offerings scaled up to Enterprise offerings including, mobile, online, and desktop solutions
  • Flexible geographic architecture which provides for quality management and reduced cost
  • Diverse technological stack which guarantees the right product for your needs regardless of programming language or technology needed to get there.

Here at Beyond Programs LTD, we believe that, organization, management and code quality, are the necessary components to the success of any software product. Our software development educated team has direct experience working with top Alexa ranked sites and has in depth knowledge regarding how to create them. Through this knowledge we understand your, product, goals, competition, customer, and market including restrictions. This type of partner is ideal when, the ability to scale, profitability, and or standing out of the crowd are important.

Beyond Programs is the right choice to build a robust product which meets the expectations of you and your customers. Whatever your platform, market, or current project status, Beyond Programs can help you get to the finish line.


We here at Beyond Programs LTD utilize many development technologies. While most software houses are limited to certain technologies, we utilize the right technology for your needs. Frameworks, CMS’s, databases, programming languages and other tools all have free and paid brands in terms of options. Listed below  are some of the options you can combine to make your software solution a reality


cakephp, kohana, mvc .NET


wordpress, modx, oscommerce


postgres, mysql, oracle, sql server, sqlite

Programming languages:

php, ruby on rails, C# .NET, Java, MTML5

We Can offer:

  • Complete SDLC solutions
  • Web, Mobile, & software development
  • API development
  • Social planning and development
  • Online marketing and SEO
  • Project Architecture and Management
  • Security & Testing services including test driven development and interface testing
  • Web server configuration and management
  • Database, analysis, optimization, backups, and development
  • Site conversions, moves, and replication
  • E-commerce solutions including shopping carts
  • Prototype development and research


MS Windows 2000 Server, 2000 Advanced Server / UNIX / LINUX (gentoo, ubuntu)/ Mac/ vista


MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, FrontPage, Outlook, Project) / Dreamweaver / Photoshop / Flash / Eclipse / Jcreator/ Oracle 10g / MYSQL/ SQL server 2005/ SQL*Plus/ iSQL*Plus/ Oracle APEX/ Aptana/


Experienced: C# / ASP.NET / PHP /Ruby or Rails / Java(j2ee)/ JavaScript (prototype/jquery)/ ajax/ HTML / XML /jhtml / xsl/

Novice: C++ / Prolog / Haskell / VBScript/ Machine Language/python


2005-2008 SQL SERVER, MYSQL, Oracle, Postgres

Program Architechture:



UML, Volere, Gang of Four(gof)


Web services, GUI, middle and Back end programming, web forms, Multithreading, Optimization Algorithms, Security optimization, Database development, Testing, Research, and Documentation,

Version Control

Concurrent Versions System (CVS), Mercurial, SVN


We can provide solutions for several software development needs. With direct experience in multiple verticals, we can provide the necessary guidance and or experties to help you to realize your goal. Below are some of our key features in detail.


We provide solutions for multiple platforms including, mobile, online, and desktop. We do that through our technological stack which is listed below. We are able to scale up to projects that are $100k+ commanding 1M + viewership per month. Our talented team has direct experience with the details needed to scale to this level


Unlike many development companies who are php or .net specific, BeyondPrograms does not adhere to any particular technology. With no limitations on the technologies that we are able to utilize, we are able to focus on finding the right technology for your needs. We have direct experience with all of the major development languages, platforms, framewords, and even cms products.

We offer custom development services which can start from the requirements stage. This solution is typically sought after by companies that need a proprietary product and need to scale well beyond the average software product.

We are also capable of assembling packages to meet your needs which has the benefit of faster development. This route usually entails combining and customizing products already available for purchase today for your needs..


With 10+ years of education and development experience working for start-ups to fortune 500 companies in 3 different countries, he brings a unique set of skills to this company. Apart from team and project management, working for several north american based companies, he  has had the chance to interact with many technical teams for varying software based purposes. His career journey includes several verticals including, financial, online media, health, education, marketing, and government to name a few. These verticals would have produced popular globally recognized web domains and top Alexa ranked sites.


When you employ Beyond Programs LTD, you gain a business partner that understand your, community, regulations, customers, security, scalability and those other key concepts that make your software successful. We provide products that can grow with your needs while keeping your key requirements at the forefront of development.

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