About Us

The word “Programs” in our name is actually a project management term. A company’s portfolio typically includes programs and programs typically include projects. Our team sits in the functional management tier of operations. We communicate with your executive team regarding their portfolios and help to facilitate the execution of projects.

Beyond Programs Ltd is a black-owned corporation registered in British Columbia, Canada. We offer Web development and online advertising services. We specialize in helping businesses to create a web presence, including eCommerce solutions. We regularly work with clients around the globe, from startups to medium-sized corporations and municipalities. With that said, we primarily support Canadian companies. Allow us to work with you towards realizing your online goals.


We are experts at online technologies including WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, and Drupal. We support companies through the following online portals:

BePro Software : Web Development

Ad Coordinates : Online Advertising & Marketing

We also own several directories

CannabisListings.ca : Canadian Directory

Quebec Kayak : Canadian french directory

BePro Themes : WordPress Themes

WP Marijuana : WordPress Themes for Cannabis Companies

OutdoorPhotogaphyCanada.com : Canadian Photography

We understand what it takes to be successful online in Canada because we own and manage several Canadian focused websites. Allow us to partner with you long term towards your goals.


We offer a range of services revolving around helping you create and maintain great software. Allow our talented team to help with with a specific aspect of your project or take you through the various steps. Below are a few popular services we offer

  • CRM management including Salesforce
  • IT Security Risk Auditing and Mitigation
  • Website development including WordPress and Drupal
  • Complete SDLC solutions (Software Development)
  • Social page creation and management
  • Online marketing
  • Project Management
  • IT Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimiation
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Social Advertising (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter)

If you are looking for a service that seems related but is not listed, consider contacting us today. Chances are, we can help with your custom development needs